Photography & cinematography using various platforms for entertainment & fun.



A group of like minded amateurs bringing together a wide range of skills.

Mat Gyro

Pilot - Designer - Editor

With ten years flying experience & an IT background, Mat Gyro brings valuable skills to MrGyro team.

Ben Gyro

Chief Engineer - Pilot

Ben Gyro brings a bucket load of electrical & mechanical engineering skill to the MrGyro Team.

Sam Gyro

Designer - Creative

With an IT background & an eye for detail, Sam Gyro injects the design & creativity to MrGyro Team.

Liam Gyro

Software Engineer - Programmer

With software now in our kettles & our drones, Liam Gyro keeps the cups full & the drones in the air.


Our story, our content.

Our Story

First registered in 2013, the website was designed to act as an online platform to share images & video created by Mat Gyro. Combining the interest in photography & radio controlled model flying the site soon evolved into a platform to share aerial photography & cinematography. The ‘Gyro’ family grew, bringing different skills from other hobbies such as web design, electronics & programming. The team gained popularity during 2014 due to their stunning aerial cinematography of the crop circles. The team followed the crop circles around the UK & quickly became the number one source of HD aerial crop circle videos. The team continued this success throughout the 2015 season while simultaneously working on other projects for various charities & organisations. While the team is made up of amateur hobbyists the content produced is nothing short of amazing. The team continue to dedicate their spare time to work on photography & cinematography at their own expense & do not accept payment or reward for their work. With a large following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & in the hobby forums the MrGyro team look forward to continued creativity to be shared with the online world.

Use of our content

All of our content is produced in our own time & at our own expense. We are a group of like-minded hobbyists who enjoy creating images & video. We invest a lot of our money to capture great content for you to view & share. We do not charge for use of our content, we only ask that you do us the courtesy of asking our permission to use it. We also ask that we are clearly credited & a link back to our website is added.


HD Aerial Videos




Years of experience


Hours Flying


Our fantastic Tricopter, coupled with our Tarot gimbal, offers a silky smooth flight for aerial video. Sporting the latest small form factor HD video recording gear the Tricopter allows us to capture epic high definition aerial video. With just three props the Tricopter is very light & extremely efficient compared to other aircraft of its size. The low KV motors & carbon fiber props keep the noise levels of the aircraft to a minimum.


Stable, nimble, gimballed flight.
Our Caipirinha flying wing weighs just 650g & can stay aloft for over 40 minutes. The aircraft is capable of carrying a HD video camera allowing it to capture awesome aerial footage at resolutions as high as 4k. With its slippery, foam design this plane is able to fly fast & with fantastic stability delivering epic shots 100% of the time. The video captured from this aircraft offers the viewer a real sense of being onboard the plane.


Responsive, fast & epic flight.
Don't be fooled by the simple & robust look of the Discovery. This thing is awesome. Being our number one go to aircraft, the Discovery offers ultra smooth gimbaled video, shot at resolutions as high as 4k! The technology onboard will blow your mind. With return to home, auto land & GPS hold packed into its tiny flight controller, this aircraft is able to offer immense stability & safety in one package.


Simple, robust & solid flight.
The beauty & simplicity of a balloon really is something to behold. With none of the complication, noise or setup time of traditional aerial platforms, our simple balloons offer a relaxing way to capture aerial photographs. Picture the still Summers day or frosty motionless Winters morning & it's easy to imagine why a balloon offers the best choice for an aerial photograph. Taking just minutes to setup & sporting a high-resolution camera, the simple balloon can be operated by anyone.


Beautifully simple, epic results.
On a windswept summers day, or perhaps a gusty Autumn day, the kite is a valuable asset to have in the arsenal of aerial platforms. Able to stay aloft for as long as the wind is blowing (or until you get the shot) the kite is able to deliver outstanding results every time. Carrying a gimbaled high-resolution camera, the kite can capture some amazing aerial views. The kite is always a good talking point & a very popular, safe & clean way of capturing beautiful aerial images. So simple, a child could fly it!


Green, clean & fun!
Ok! Not an aircraft but certainly worth a mention. Our DSLR cameras travel everywhere with the MrGyro team. Allowing us to capture the most beautiful images in minute detail it is always good to have these devices at hand. With the added advantage of being light, our DSLR cameras can easily attach to some of our aerial platforms allowing us to capture SLR quality images from the air. Mainly used for our ground images these cameras capture a huge amount of beautiful images for the MrGyro team every year.


A high resolution image capturing machine.


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