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Aerial photography & cinematography using various FPV platforms for entertainment & fun.


Our Aircraft

TBS Caipirinha
TBS Caipirinha

Our Team Black Sheep Caipirinha is setup with a 5.8Ghz Immersion RC video transmitter & a Fat Shark camera. We use the TBS reccomended prop & motor with a 12a ESC. We use the bunny ear wingletts & our AUW is 630g.

Our footage is captured with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver.

We use the Caipirinha mostly for proximity flights with the occasional higher altitude flight.

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Tricopter FPV

Our tricopter is based on David Windestål's design. We use a 5.8Ghz Fat Shark video transmitter. We are using 10x4.7 props on DT750 motors, 18a ESC, KK2 control board & a 3700mah 3s LiPo.

We also have a Tarot 2d brushless gimbal attached to the tricopter allowing us to film ultra stable video when coupled with the smooth flying characteristics of the tricopter. Many of our best videos have been filmed using this ariframe.

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Bixler FPV

Our Bixler is provides a nice stable platform for photography & video creation. Weuse a Cyclops Nova OSD with RTH, a 6x4 prop & a Turnigy 2826 brushless motor.

We use a standard board camera for the FPV view & a GoPro Hero 3 Black for the video reccording.

The Bixler is a super stable aircraft the is capable of flying very slowly allowing us to get better shots.

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This is the newest aircraft to join the MrGyro fleet. The QAV250 is weighs in at just 550 grams! We are able to carry a GoPro camera to capture awesome HD footage from this tiny and agile airframe.

We use the QAV for filming, photography and racing. It's light weight and ultra maneuverability allow this aircraft to deliver some very interesting video footage.

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